Veterinary Online Store

Order medicine and supplies for your pet online

Through vetsfirstchoice, the Susquehanna Veterinary Clinic is able to provide clients with access to an online store to provide all of the veterinary medicine and veterinary supplies that you will need to keep your cats, dogs, and other pets happy and healthy. Popular medicines available through vetsfirstchoice include Rimadyl, Quellin™ (carprofen), Heartgard, Nexguard, Seresto collars and other flea and tick treatments.

Visit our rebate center for Rimadyl rebates, Quellin™ (carprofen) rebates, Seresto rebates, and more

The Susquehanna Veterinary Clinic is able to offer a variety of rebates for popular medicines that your pet may need. Currently, we have rebates for Seresto collars, QuellinTM (carprofen), Rimadyl, Nexgard and more. Before you order your pet's supplies, check our rebate center for our current rebate offerings.